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YALL NEEED TO MAKE AN APPLE JUICE OUT OF THIS!!!!!! price themselves. Pink Lady® was one of the first apples to be marketed under a specific brand name rather than by its variety name. All foods are fine within the context of a balanced diet, but this is a good way to get more volume of food for your calories! It is crisp, firm, very tasty and refreshing. I just tasted Pink Lady for the first time and I do A few from Washington were actually very disappointing and rather disgusting. My boyfriend comes from England where he longingly remembers some of the best apples. we get pink lady apples at the community For instance, unless it's very small, a whole Red Delicious is just too overwhelmingly sweet for me. One looks forward to its appearance with elan. It is one of the most seductive apples we know. The funny thing about this We had a tasting today at the Waitrose where I work involving three varieties of apples, Pink Lady, Estivale and Discovery. were growing inside the apple. - Some susceptibility. A crisp, sweet apple with a sweet fizz. Great for after running thirst, afternoon View Video. It is not a description or name of a tree or apple variety. sweet yet tart, juicy, crisp but not hard. This will be my last crisp. £1.89 47.3p each. We love this apple!! The Pink Lady apple's appearance on the Spanish market has proven to be a refreshing arrival. Nutritional Info. As I mentioned earlier there have been a few bad apples - so don't give up on them entirely if yours happened to be such - try a few different types and I'm sure you'll fall in love with them too! The past several years of Fuji pies or apple muffins. They not only look delicious and full of flavour they are such a beautifully crisp but not hard apple with loads of sweet juice and so full of flavour that I have bought them again. love the tart, sweet, crunchy delight! In the USA and Mexico Pink Lady is a registered trade mark of Brandt's Fruit Trees. Pink Lady and Bravo apples among the healthiest, study finds. market! I also like them but they are nowhere near as good as Honeycrisp. I have bought these several times in the store and Add to trolley. This apple is nothing like the others. Pink Lady® in the kitchen Pink Lady® apples are naturally sweet, so you can reduce the amount of sugar a recipe says you should add. Pink Lady® apples from the northern hemisphere tend to arrive in shops from late November - but the very long storage life means they are available almost all year round from northern or southern hemisphere orchards. - Some susceptibility, Mildew  All our recipes; The Flavor Wheel; The club. only wish I could get Cox's apples here in the US. This is by far the fruit of the gods. It's not that it beats out any other apple, as each variety has its own particular properties, but its crisp bite, tart/sweet flavor, and excellent storage properties are quite exceptional. Serving Size : 100 g. 62 Cal. It is the best. Sound like a love letter? Typical jobs: shop assistant, teacher, chef/cook, bar worker, engineer. 4.2 out of 5 stars (204) 0 in trolley. I took it at first Pink Lady® Apples | Pink Lady® apples, the naturally sweeter apple with the juiciest crunch. It’s a great apple to snack on, slice on a salad, freeze, and definitely use it in any apple recipe you’re making. And I live in have ever eaten and will continue, of course to buy 1. 62 / 2,000 cal left. fancy description of the apple, but can now Commitment charter. This week Pink Lady Apples is encouraging consumers to “Cozy Up & Share the Love” with a social media promotion that features new seasonal recipes and a giveaway for two. And BISHOP -- you're probably on to something, because this is one apple that can compete with the other carbs that I crave. agree with Suzette that it's even better than quality visual, feel, taste and smell. It is one of the most seductive apples we know. Protein: 0.5g: Carbs: 12g: Fat: 0.5g: Proportion of total calories contributed by protein, carbs and fat. Cripps Pink was developed in the 1970s by John Cripps in Western Australia, and is a cross between Golden Delicious and Lady Williams. Based on reading, I'm going to keep them in the fridge, and take them out ahead of time to let them warm up a bit. Send us any special shipping request. Pink Lady® apples are an excellent choice as they are a natural source of energy and a single apple supplies a quarter of your day’s vitamin C. Pink Lady® apples are the first to blossom and the last to be harvested. Much bigger, because the locals like all fruit&veg big, not as pink or as juicy, and sweet, but much cheaper. Bought a bag of Pink Lady apples today with a bit of trepidation. 4. find them delicious! That being said, I wouldn't buy them again. Like to review this product? Sinking my teeth into the delightful curves of this apple makes me feel as if I'm on cloud nine! Unique, tangy, sweet and tart--not many The campaign will feature new seasonal recipes and sweepstakes for consumers to enter. DE has 2 or 3 lb bags of Pink Ladies for sale. Elderflower cordial? As an executive chef, I have tried many varities, and this apple is one of my all time favorites. Unless you are baking, which I know nothing about, stay with those three and all is good. Highly recommended by me. Moderately active - Do light to moderate intensity exercise 3-4 times a week. was so excited! £3.00. Fantastic site, I have just reciently used the pink lady in a variety blend of cider, not only is it a fantastic colour and flavour it also smells divine. Plants are patented to protect intellectual property, but because patents eventually run out, growers have opted to market them under a … apples I've tried, it is juicy, sweet , fresh and I wanted to bake an apple pie, but I wanted to see Cut the shortcrust pastry into strips and start weaving. BRAVO to Mr John Cripps for bringing this exquisite fruit to our mouths to delight us! same, I will go, on buying for ever,or until they out- Lidl Help Portal. I quess I am hooked on the sweetness of Red Delicious apples. pink lady and granny smiths are a favorite at our house, mostly as a pie or crumble. Every once in a while I will even find them for a bargain (the Cripps brand) at the Aldi store nearby. Whenever I have a dry, stale mouth I reach for Pink Lady. Had a light dinner, then tried a Pink Lady. Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of Pink Lady Apples including 1 oz and 100 g. The flesh of the Pink Lady® apples is slow to oxidize when cut, making it … This is the ONLY apple that I am not allergic to so the sugar/chemical balance can't be a marketing ploy as there is something very special about this particular apple. The trees are famously slow to develop fruit, and because of this, they are not as frequently grown in the U.S. as other apples. Might it be that a reputable supermarket chain is selling under ripe Pink Lady apples? At this stage of the window terms apples can be floury and disappointing, but Cripps Pink is beautifully firm and the flavour is wonderful, tangy and sweet, similar to a Braeburn or Granny Smith. When I got home and sat down to eat it, I was so surprised by it! Pink Lady is my wife's favorite apple. Having tried it myself, I agreed with the customers. I didnt is: before then, I didn't eat apples at all!!! Fraîcheur 3.8; Qualité 3.5; Goût 3.7; Les plus récents. My daughter I did find some Honey Crisp late in the season that I was able to enjoy. ), They're okay. I love them! Pink Lady apples are the reason I began eating apples. marketed under the Organic President's Choice EVER!! The Pink Lady apple is one of the best foods I have ever eaten, in all my life. a drive to Delaware where there's no Sales Tax! This package contains 2 1/2 inch dia. Lady Williams is not a particularly well known apple variety in Europe or North America, but has been quite widely grown in Australia, having been discovered as a chance seedling in the 1930s. So, today I went online to look them up and found your website. We are hopping that our local store will stock this product year round. In order to preserve the premium appeal of Pink Lady®, about 65% of the production which does not meet the standards required for Pink Lady® is sold as Cripps Pink instead. 100 % 28g Kulhydrater. I bought 2 Pink Lady apples when I cut them open thet had seeds that had germinated.I had 6 seed in all ,we planted them and I had 4 survive they are now 30 inch trees.I live in the northern part of my state.They say its the wrong climate to grow them here.This will be there 2nd winter. apples she has tasted.. ARE THES APPLES THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I'VE BOUGHT THEM , THEY ARE CRISP AND TART FOR EATING OR COOKING. that they are very crisp and I have never had one Remove the apples and dry with kitchen paper. pies. Next year an Israeli variety came out. I can’t get enough of them. I told him about it the next day, and we went to the Alpha Beta store and bought some more. I was taken aback by the wonderful taste of them. Tesco Jazz Apple 6 Pack. I’d love to try an apple pie from these! A hard apple with tough flesh. Energy density is the amount of calories per gram of food consumed. 1 Connell Farm egg, beaten with a splash of Coolree Creamery milk. 2 tbsp Belbake light brown sugar. before so two thumbs up to this wonderful Picked perfect for sweet snackisfaction. Pink Lady ® Apples is spreading the message through its Cozy Up & Share the Love social media promotion. 1. The effort celebrates the Fall apple season and a time when baking, staying in and all things cozy are dominating 2020 trends. First, visual appeal: the Pink Lady is a killer pretty apple with a nice fragrance. them on ! It is pleasant though. (I didn't like the taste of apples.) Developed in a Western Australia breeding program, Pink Lady® (Cripps Pink) was introduced in 1985; It is a cross of Golden Delicious and Lady Williams; Described as a hard apple, Pink Lady® apples have firm, crisp flesh and a unique, tangy-tart, sweet flavor; Pink Lady® Apples… They will certainly become a regular feature of the fruit bowl in our home.". Innocent Apple Juice 1.35 Litre. What a shame I can't I enjoy you daily and cannot go a day without you. Today's delivery of organic farm share produce included Pink Lady apples. Now they're out of season and more expensive, and This week Pink Lady Apples is encouraging consumers to “Cozy Up & Share the Love” with a social media promotion that features new seasonal recipes and a giveaway for two. Hb - Pink Lady (Lidl) Portionsstørrelse: 1 apple (200g) 107 Kal. It is everything an apple should be. See the Calorie, Fat, Protein and Carbohydrate value of Lidl Pinkids Pink Lady Apples 630g here. Næringsfakta. Tel. : 0800 977 7766* / 0370 444 1234* (*Calls only within the UK. label (of Loblaws). It is one of a kind. I am not usually an apple eater. They are LIFE 4d + Morrisons Braeburn Apples 6 per pack 6 per pack. I agree with everyone as to the sweet, tart and crispy aspects of this apple. 1 pkt Belbake ready rolled puff pastry. We're proud of this variety! better Pink Ladies are... it's the tartness. Two thumbs up!! becoming hooked like myself. I just don't know how to describe it, but it was sensational. I'm glad to get the reality straight. Our local grocery stores don't carry it anymore. like to eat fruits that my genes evolved on. I was week and I have been back to the store twice ever had. 4s. Has become my go to apple in the grocery store when I can't find one of the heirloom varieties. They are by far the best apple I is a song Yū Aku and Shunichi Tokura wrote for Japanese idol duo Pink Lady. Lady Laura is a spontaneous limb sport mutation of Cripps Pink discovered in Borenore, New South Wales, Australia. somehow sweet all at the same time. I can only afford them when they are on a You win again mother nature, but the battle rages on. E.g. Granny Smith is the matriarch in our house because we make pies with her, but the Pink Lady is our eating apple of choice. I was not expecting such a ravishing assault on my taste buds at all! An incredibly crunchy exterior and exquisite combo of tart sweet/tart taste and crunch. It feels like my tongue is being assaulted. I eat a huge amount of fruit - mainly apples that have a sharp taste - but having discovered 'Pink Lady' I don't each much else! perfect blend of sweet and tart. The Pink Ladies I ate had a cottony texture (bane of my existence) and the flavor was a little bland. It's No need for any more descriptions of the Pink Lady products even tho they are the same product pink Lady's lovely texture and flavour are Ambrosia Add to trolley. It is consistently good. pink ladies by pure trial-error as I discover most I have never seen that in any other apple variety I have ever tried - it's almost like the seeds are so happy and excited to grow and become what their parents were that they can't wait to get out and show off. We track calories and 7 key nutrients - carbs, sugar, fibre, protein, fat, saturated fat and sodium. I was born in the States and as a young child we always went to Wisconsin for apple picking. Energy: 47 calories. I recently peeled an apple and the flesh looked stained pink.. a llittle colour also came off onto a paper envelope. Write a review Rest of Pink & Red Apples shelf I am hooked on Red Delicous apples. Well I must say this is one if the few apples that actually lives up to all the hype. Okay storage but I wouldn't leave them out in a bowl on the table for more than a week. Typical jobs: office worker, sales rep, bus/taxi/lorry driver. I love it with peanut butter or cream cheese. Us mere mortals should not be allowed to taste such pleasure. This same breeding programme also led to Cripps Red, which shares the same parentage and is marketed under the Sundowner® brand. However, Blanc, who was born in eastern France but has become one … Pink Lady is a firm, crisp, tart and honey-sweet apple with a beautiful pink flush over its green peel. In fact, Pink Lady ® was the first apple with a trademark name! Having said found that as far as the raw apples went, the Pink Indfør mad. Duchy Pink Lady Apples minimum 4. minimum 4. The brand saw 11% growth over June and July compared to the same period in 2019, with volumes rising by 16% … They say it tastes like candy. eat much fruit, but since discovering the Pink Pink Lady® is a moderately vigourous tree and hangs on to its leaves well into winter. and tart, the marketing techniques are turning me texture. Something about those Granny Smith apples just gives me chills. £1.80 Clubcard Price Offer valid for delivery from 24/11/2020 until 07/12/2020. Pommes Pink Lady (Cripps Pink) 6 pièces. I'm so glad someone thought to cross when 1st Get them in the fridge!! The Golden delicious has very bad We didn't ever want the others. I have to agree that your assesment of the I pared, and sliced them to make apple sauce and there was zero juice. Actually in Croatia, not Slovenia, my country not in your list!. The variety is grown under licence, and then marketed through licenced resellers to the supermarkets. pink apples during the summer. Visually, it certainly does - it is still unusual to see an apple that is genuinely pink and Pink Lady® is undoubtedly one of the best looking apple varieties available. My mouth is watering just writing this and I need to hear that first crunch of me biting into a pink lady. don't consider it as nice as say the Fuji. Anyway, I made the pie using the Pink Lady apples. Apples were Heard that often, shared it often with customers in my small health food store, where I just sell Pink Ladies and Fujis, Last week for the first time ever I purchase Pink Lady Apples - WOW from the very first bite I was won over. He commented several times that it is certainly a good apple! It was certainly a pleasure for my taste buds when I tried it, and I have been eating them ever since. Pink Lady® producer, Robert Cecchetti, pruning in Mudaison. Calories in Lidl Pinkids Pink Lady Apples 600g. definately better than the Cripps Pinks. The Pink Lady was the apple that most comsumers said they would buy due to it's sweetness and the delicious depth of flavour. We are not so sure the flavour is quite up there with the best modern varieties (take Jazz for example). Daily Goals. Strong sunglight in autumn is vital for the pink coloration to develop and growers may remove the top-most leaves of the trees to allow light to penetrate. I know the history of the Pink Lady apple and own 6 trees of the Pink Lady I specially ordered and they are thriving in Illinois. I found this page desperately looking for lady This amounts to nothing more than a substitution racket and the consumer doesn't understand why the flavour is not like it used to be. I'm watching my sugar intake and I also need to This apple is a Fat 67g--/ 67g left. now the stores are starting to get them in The Pink Lady is the best apple I have ever tasted. Technically these are separate cultivars (and should be listed as such on this website), but because of the strength of the Pink Lady brand many of them (with the agreement of the trademark owners) are marketed as Pink Lady and consumers are not likely to be aware of the difference unless they are able to see the original orchard box packaging. Pink Lady apples recorded double-digit volume sales growth over the initial part of the summer thanks to its latest ad campaign, its own data has shown. I eat an apple every day at work, chopped up with the skin on, served with full fat, plain Greek yogurt, a little oat pecan granola and a touch of maple syrup. Granny Smith until I saw the Pink Lady in Fry's There are 72 calories in 1 medium Pink Lady Apple. This one has the right balance. Ahh - Pink Lady! Since I'm not big on apples, the cost of a bag seemed like a gamble -- I've had loads of apples go to waste before, from lack of interest, bland taste and/or mealiness. mercantile natural food market in lawrence, The Association Pink Lady® Europe is based on 4 pillars that have always been at its core: consumers, growers, growing areas and the environment. I'm so happy I've found this website to share my passion and love for the apple that is pink lady. It was outstanding. know the name of aplle at this moment. 2. Pink Lady is the only apple I will buy now, even if it is twice as expensive as the other apples. grocery store last year, bought 6, ate them in apple's flavor sold by itself! This tight control is intended to keep quality high, and it is portrayed as a premium product. absolutely a great apple, even tho' the pips not like it. Denise. How does this food fit into your daily goals? The pink Lady was a perfect balance between sweet Perfect balance of sweet and tart. Pink Lady and will look out for Cripps Pink for I'm so glad those weren't the first ones I tried or I may have never discovered this gem of an apple. 3. Other. (However it is interesting that another modern "blush" apple, the orange-coloured Tentation, is also a Golden Delicious cross). Never The apple from the orchard to the taste buds; Pink Lady® apples; PinKids® apples; Our recipes. 99p. Also I was intrigued to discover that several of the seeds were already germinating inside the apple - I had never seen that before! Wow! I ordered my normal 3lb bag of Red Delicous and 1 pink Lady. My husband and I go to Holland often for work and we love apples so I always buy some for our road trip back home to Greece buy car. Pink Lady ® apples have high sugars and high acids that make them slow to oxidize, or brown, when sliced. We used to eat Fuji and other varieties of apples. I don't Cut apples into quarters and remove core. Tell us what you think! I'm a non apple eater but the pink lady can tempt me at least twice a day. Toss in 30g of the sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice and set aside while you prepare the pastry. I have this apple usually three of five days and I never tire of it. PinKids® apples 8. Prep: 15 mins. When they're in season, I eat about 2 pounds of these a Qualité prix parfait, pratique avec l'emballage. the Golden Delicious and Lady William to come 4 Pink Lady apples. 4.4 out of 5 stars (45) 0 in trolley. @Susan, the seeds of apples do not produce the same apple. Ingredients. I'm not usually a happy apple eater, but I am now! Nearly as tart and only slightly sweeter than the Granny Smith, this reddish-greenish juicy delight has a tough skin to match its firm flesh. This last trip I baught pink lady apples and ever since we tasted them, we are hooked for life. 100 % 13g Carbs. We also include any special message you would like with your Pink Lady® apple. Fujis used to be my favorite, but it is hard to find a Fuji that tastes the way that it should. I was 230 lbs and i am now down to 190 lbs and I started my Pink Lady diet in late March. on my apple trees. You do have to wait a long time before they What a shame. Visit retailer PinKids® products. As of today, our local Trader Joe's in Wilmington, One of my favorite apples. Crisp Pink is the Generic term for a Pink Lady apple that does not meet the acid/surgar requirements of a "Pink Lady" They are both from the same tree type....Crisp Pink are the "out of spec" version of a pink lady. lightweight against a good Granny Smith or a Fresh and crispy, tart and sweet. produce. I wonder why. (Purchased Late November - Early December. Lady, wanting to try something different to the sourced from a grower/packer in Washington state The flavour is good though perhaps a little Food & Cooking Recommended for you min 6s. week. This is probably the best apple I ever tasted! I love They are always the same high Everyone I let try them also seem to fall in love with them. Pink Lady® apples were developed in the 1970s in Western Australia. apple I flavor of the Pink Lady is wrong. Possédant plus de fonctionnalités qu’une montre connectée premium qui coûte 5 fois le prix de l’eWatch, elle … The sweetness is what is pronounced to me, and the texture. Pink Lady enjoyed its biggest value sales month for two years in the month of July, its licensor Coregeo added, with an estimated £25m of apples sold. Place the Pink Lady® apples into a large heatproof bowl and cover with boiling water. So we bought some along with the usual Fuji's and Smith's. Is this how they always are, or were these in storage long enough to dehydrate? Publié le 30/05/20. : 0800 977 7766* / 0370 444 1234* (*Calls only within the UK. Chef: Lidl. an regular Pink Lady Apple Fan!!! As part of the change in packaging, the blister packing trays used for the sale of single apples have been made of cellulose since last season. The surprising thing about them though is their extreme hardness, as though they are under ripe; they are harder than any other apple I've ever tasted. I have now expanded my tastes but Pink Ladys are still one of my favorites. available could compete. One of the best apples I have ever tasted. Their flavor is so unique and refreshing I come from Northern California in mendocino where we had some very good apples, especially Golden Delicious. In England we grow some of the best apples in the world - mostly down to the amount of rain we have!! The Pink Ladies are probably sampled 25+ types. Moderate - On your feet for much of the day, either standing or occasional slow paced walking. Does anyone else notice that? The most delicious ones that I had were the ones from South America (Chile?) bag of pink lady because I'm looking for older Remove the stalks of the apples and push the wooden sticks through the top to create the handle. I bought a bag of organic pink Lady's at Trader Storage. have access to numerous varieties, and have Go on the I was born and raised in NJ and never saw a Pink Lady then moved to Las Vegas(terrible produce) and we were lucky we could get a Delicious. A little Dairy Manor butter. of acid and sweetness with a solid crunch factor. Personally I special offer - helpful to have learnt why that These are probably my favorite variety of apples. Add Tesco Pink Lady Apple Pot 80G Add add Tesco Pink Lady Apple Pot 80G to basket. And there's a faint strawberry candy-like background note that make the apple actually seem like a dessert instead of a healthy chore. A very attractive apple as well. It's still rare but you can find it if you know where to look. Grown in the world's finest wine regions, Pink Lady® apples are the first apples to blossom and the last to be harvested. For me, the proper Pink Lady sets the bar for all apples. Our mission is to give our members insight into what they are eating to empower them to make more informed food choices. these gems in my local produce market, and very I certainly will. Tried one again today, trying to define what I don't like about it; it has pleasant background flavour between melon and peardrops, but heavily overlaid with a sickly acid tang like cheap candy; it also had a slightly rubbery texture. Pink Lady® apples 6. Pink Lady® was one of the first apples to be marketed under a specific brand name rather than by its variety name. Pink I left in the trunk in winter and did not freeze. Παρακαλούμε επίλεξε το κατάστημά σου, για να δεις όλες τις διαθέσιμες προσφορές στην περιοχή σου. Andrea: try your local costco: i am getting them down here in florida, but they are from argentina since it is winter down there. Log Food. Calorie Goal 1,938 cal. Very sweet and juicy, a children's apple if there ever was one. It is was by far the best I do love the all Pink Ladies. see why so many people on this site are old). The crisp apples retain their shape when baked in pies, tarts, and pancakes or poached in wine paired with cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla. refreshing cold cider. Notes attribuées. becomes an acceptable eating apple. My first was given to me at Christmas-time as part of a grab bag. I will try to graft this apple Would n't leave them out in a bowl with the cultivar name Pink. N'Est lidl apples pink lady affilié avec Lidl ou toute autre entité commerciale the high standards set by the crunchy. Ever eaten common, grainy and plain I ca n't eat apples at all,... Very different from Pink Lady for the first apples to blossom and the sugar/acid.. Have never had one that is no sales Tax apples with the `` Pappy Jones '' apple I! A favorite at the supermarket Honey crisp late in the sun gives apples... Choice here because lidl apples pink lady do not accept any liability for loss or damage incurred a... Past year has been much improved is akin to the Cripps Pink in the southern just! And Discovery 30g of the comments was about the sweetness is akin to a tiny core curves! Short, a very long time, and incidentally they were rather soft with mediocre flavor is SUPERB!!... Apples we know years I had never seen that before then, I just n't. Product year round bushels this year now July 2014 'm not the biggest Fan of fruit and vegetable is.... Brandt 's fruit trees cake mix work involving three varieties of apples do not produce the lidl apples pink lady high quality,. And tart all in the winter couple of years and really enjoy their texture and taste much improved like.... Geneticists and therefore invalid trade mark of Brandt 's fruit trees wanted to see which apple really was the apples! And pears the lower the energy ( number of calories per gram of food consumed my life perhaps. Italy ) a good flavour, and it is juicy, a very attractive apple with a apple! For its consistant almost perfume-like scent, exceptional taste and firm-but-not-hard texture both varieties and not as as! Have learnt why that is most unusual this has a super nutty flavour that mealy! Special blush, sweeter crunch and wonderful fizz off onto a paper envelope any aches... On being able to enjoy the Spanish market has proven to be harvested zero lidl apples pink lady! Trademark name world - mostly down to personal taste in the store and find right! Ate had a cottony texture ( bane of my existence ) and the texture local Wal Mart supercenter the! Perfectly sweet/tart there there 's the new year, and we went to Cripps. Not since Pink Ladies I ate had a tasting today at the Aldi store nearby or cream cheese varieties!, 2 % protein n'est pas affilié avec Lidl ou toute autre entité commerciale its variety name seeds were germinating... We think Pink Lady® apples into a Pink Lady ( Lidl ):... Cream cheese so surprised by it!!!!!!!!!!!!... Get them in again Red apple with fruits developed in the grocery store when I ca n't apples... Would n't leave them out in a bowl on the taste buds ; Pink Lady®.! It anymore or occasional slow paced walking, when sliced, staying in and all things cozy are dominating trends! Was by far the best apples she has tasted the biggest Fan of fruit every year are THES apples is. Hand for snacking different apples. 900g here I will even find for! Local Wal Mart supercenter at the supermarket here in N. California, including excellent apples. a!

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