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Well you're in luck, because here they come. Avec leur look un peu indien, ces nu pieds imaginées par Ash seront vos meilleures alliées pour parcourir les plaines urbaines et y planter votre tipi. I remember everything, but it’s peaceful. Avec leur look un peu indien, ces low boots cut imaginées par Ash seront vos meilleures alliées pour parcourir les plaines urbaines et y planter votre tipi. Ash Lynx is a 17 year old boy. He is aided by Japanese journalist Eiji Okumura and his friend Shorter Wong in discovering the true nature of the mysterious substance. His distinctive style affectionately earned him the name 'pineapple head' from Ash. He comes to New York as Ibe's assistant to finish a report on street gangs. Aslan Jade Callenreese, better known as "Ash Lynx", is the protagonist of Banana Fish. In the same apartment you rent as "James Abbot." Despite never making it through elementary school due to his circumstances, his intelligence allowed him to pick up higher mathematics through books. That’s how death lifts away, doesn’t it? Ash's correlation chart with Eiji after episode 24 on the official site changed from 親友 (Shin'yū) meaning "best friend" to being no correlation status with a black thick line, implying that their relationship is so close that it can't be described only with words. Griffin was sent home after the incident. Creates a 3D Optical Illusion, perfect as art display or night lamp. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. It’s not like kids get to choose them at birth, you know. He never wants to leave anyone behind and will protect his men whenever he can. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. His education in several fields including biochemistry, politics, literature, amongst other areas has proven useful when having to put a plan in action or otherwise determine key elements like Banana Fish's purpose, or Golzine's main plot. I won’t ask "forever." Contact Info. ", (To Dino) "Well, I already know you’re a sick man. It is also mentioned by Eiji that he dislikes hamburgers. At fourteen Ash falls in love with a girl, but she is killed before anything develops when she is thought to be his girlfriend. He is obsessed with hunting Ash down and killing him and is the ultimate threat in the series. Logic’s got nothing to do with it! I sure as hell don’t plan on hiding behind it now. August 12, 1968 (Manga)August 12, 2000 (Anime) Leadership skills - He is a very capable leader as he got his gang together by showing off his sheer strength in hand to hand combat. The constant hatred Arthur felt towards Ash strengthened his need to get revenge. Yuma Uchida Come join us and see Ash Lynx & his gang in action! Griffin Callenreese (older half- brother)Jim Callenreese (father)Unnamed motherJennifer (stepmother) Upon escaping the execution room, Ash discovered Shorter's body and took revenge on Dawson for his part in the death. He asks him to protect his friends on numerous occasions and believes in him to follow through. In Volumes 1 and 2, he is the first to know of and warn Ash of Arthur's attack, and leads Ash's gang in the rescue operation to recover Ash. At age seventeen, Ash has grown to unite a great number of gangs under his command and becomes both a feared and admired leader in Manhattan, compelling fierce loyalty. You make a great pair...! He was the only person Ash could express himself to; a 17 old boy who was deeply hurt by Golzine and not a totally tough, ruthless gang leader, as everyone perceived him to be. As in episode 1, it showed that Skip also takes care of Griffin, Ash's half brother, while Ash is away from home. 14 (Private Opinion)15 (Angel Eyes)17 (Ep. From BANANA FISH comes a scale figure of Ash Lynx! You always got started right away, never let me have so much as a sip of this stuff. After Ash is abused several more times by the same man, he grabs his father's gun without his knowledge and kills his rapist, at the age of 8. I’m dust against him. Young informant (thought to be about 12) and member of Ash's gang. Ash was found not guilty in the eyes of the law but becomes the talk of the small town. Ash Lynx walks through the alleyways of New York City, he notices a man stumble and runs over when he collapses. I need someone to hate. Close to the western summit there is the dried and frozen carcass of a leopard. Episode 03 Across the River and into the Trees,, (To Charlie) "How are you going to indict Dino? Intelligence - Ash has an IQ of 180-200; the level of a genius. Max even admits that Ash is like a son to him. Originally serialized in Shōjo Comic from 1985 to 1994, the series follows Ash Lynx, a teenage gang leader in New York City. I’m sick and tired of being fondled, okay? Yuma Uchida, Actor: Urutoraman Taiga. I am not letting anybody hurt you, Eiji. I know there’s at least one person in this world who cares about me. Full name – Aslan Jade Cullenriz. Hair Color and then your wife and son turned out to be blonds, that was pretty funny. Past That nothing could be worse than what was happening to me right then. Or was he looking for something else, climbing higher and higher until he used up all his strength and collapsed? ", "What is this place— a massage parlor?! Tooth jewerly. There’ve been countless times in my life when I thought I’d be better off dead. When Ash discovers the drug later known as Banana Fish, Ash requests through Eiji that Shorter move "the thing I gave to Dr. Meredith," which Shorter is shown to have prior knowledge of throughout Volume 2. From shop SiberianSuns. Male He went home all tattered and his father tried telling the police but no one would listen. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about ash lynx? Not that you’d give a damn one way or the other. He is also an experienced and hardened gang leader who can guide and order his men with great effectiveness with none of them ever questioning him for his orders are precise, his plans thoroughly thought and his determination strong. During this time, Ash was on a baseball team. ", "I wonder if I’m dying somewhere. ", (About Blanca) "Why now after all this time— does it have to be you, of all people...? One night, Dino hired some of Ash’s gang members to go after and kill a certain man. Under Golzine he is "cultured" and trained as a member of the upper class: made to taste various kinds of wine, learn proper table manners, and receive an outstanding education. He served in the military alongside Max Lobo, until he went insane due to the effects of the Banana Fish drug and massacred his fellow teammates. Weight: 150lbs. ", (To Max) "Aren’t there any decent parents in this world? This earned him a spot at reform school, as he was a minor. Photos found. Eiji has, on more than one occasion, been described as innocent, but brave. I’s western summit is called by the Masai ‘Ngaje Ngai’, the ‘House of God’. Has an attractive appearance and high intelligence. As a victim of child sexual abuse, he does not trust others easily. Ash shares his birthday with the author of Banana Fish, Akimi Yoshida. This box: view • talk • edit he’s got a team of bigshot lawyers on his side. Although he never received formal education, he was educated by Dino and often goes to the New York Public Library. Also romance isn't my favorite thing, so I'm not too great with it, but this show put me through so much suffering so here you go. A cruel ex-member of Ash's gang. Ash, at first, seemed to see Sing as a nuisance more than anything else, but eventually regards him as a trustworthy ally. Even a stupid street punk like me knows that! American-Irish In the main story, though associated with the Chinese mafia, Shorter and Ash have unified territories in Volume 1 and often operate as a team, with both gangs sharing a single bar. He's been recreated in elegant formal wear. Nationality He is shown wearing glasses when reading, suggesting that he's far-sighted. I don’t know what the problem is... but treating him like you’re giving the pope a bath isn’t going to help. If there was just one thing I’d say that was true about. The police found bones of children in his basement, and the case causes notoriety. I’m not the student body president or a summer camp counselor. Family Full Name : Aslan Jade Callenreese // Ash Lynx Age: 18 Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: Bisexual. Why did he come to those heights—for what? After Ash's death, I learned that the art of forgetting is a subtle yet treacherous feat, but not once did I ever regret meeting him. He uses several military tactics to hold his own against several enemies at once or take down guys even bigger than he his. His intelligence lends itself well to solving the mystery of 'Banana Fish' and he has also been stated to be quite well-read, knowing his way around the newspaper's daily columns and political novels- unusual for someone who did not finish middle school. For a teenager of his age, Ash is a true force to be reckoned with. He is a well respected leader and his men do like his style of operating. just keep them away from me— please! Don’t tell me you still believe the pen is mightier than the sword. Well, I sure would’ve liked to have been offered some of this bubbly. When Ash, Eiji, and Skip were captured by Arthur's gang and Dino's man, Eiji earned Ash's respect when he attempted to rescue Ash and Skipper by selflessly putting himself in danger. Not only is he excellent in combat and an incredible marksman, but he is also highly intelligent, with an IQ of 200. That’s how it works on the street! Ash is a tall and slender young man standing at 5’11. :). He later helps him and uncover details on Banana Fish as threats close in around them. From the anime series 'Banana Fish' comes a Nendoroid of the street gang boss, Ash Lynx! You have any idea what those guys made us do? Name: Ash Lynx. A runaway brought up as the adopted heir and sex toy of “Papa” Dino Golzine, Ash, now at the rebellious age of seventeen, forsakes the kingdom held out by the devil who raised him. Ash is given a sample of an unknown drug by a dying man and is targeted by Dino Golzine for what he is suspected to have. Store Address. From their first encounter at the bar where Ash's gang usually hangs out, Ash was unusually lenient with Eiji, going as far as letting Eiji hold his gun when Eiji asked mannerly for Ash's permission to do so. 304 London NY 10016. Ash Lynx is the alias of Aslan Jade Callenreese (アスラン・ジェイド・カーレンリース), a seventeen-year-old leader of a gang of teenagers in New York City. Either way, that leopard knew... that he would never be going back. ", (To Yut Lung) "This little act of charity, you’re going to regret this, man... because I will kill you. That’s why he can’t even look after himself at his age. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. Shorter is shown to be very protective and concerned about Ash's relationship with Marvin Crosby. Want a ride in my new Phantom V?”, “War is always good business for those in power. Blanca wanted to see what truly lay behind the venom the snake guarded himself with so fiercely. Skip protected Eiji during a bar fight between Arthur's gang and Ash's gang. Ash Lynx is a contestant from Survivor: Greece and Survivor: Wild West.. Ash's snarky, cold, and rebellious attitude coupled with his poor initial challenge performance led to him being on the chopping block at Greece's first Tribal Council.He wound up being saved and lasting until the Tribe Swap, though, thanks to forging tight alliances, and stirring up animosity against the other two tribes. The shaved sides of his head could possibly be his natural hair color though this cannot be stated with certainty, mo… Quand nous rencontrons Ash pour la première fois, il est le redoutable et réputé leader d'un gang de jeunes délinquants, surnommé par les autres "le diable blanc". Ash was referenced in episode 10 of Gaikoysu Shotenin Honda-san. LYNX AND FIRE TO COMMENCE 2020 CAMPAIGNS IN EXCITING ROUND 1 CLASH. Anime Name As the series progresses, he starts depending on Ash. I’d always think, man, not only is this guy a fat bastard, he’s a cheap bastard. When Ash is six years old, Griffin is called to serve in the army and is sent to Iraq (Vietnam in the manga). The most popular color? The manga source that it's chambered to load .357 Magnum rounds. Ash Lynx, dont le vrai nom est Aslan Callenreese, est le charmant et charismatique héros de notre histoire. What on earth... Have I become? MEDIA Although Ash is highly aware of his attractiveness and has learned to weaponize it, his beauty often works against him, making him a target of unwanted sexual advances and harassment from older men and women alike. Skip was shot and killed by Marvin Crosby in his attempt to stop him from shooting Ash. However, his inquiries are … Woahh Ash looks awesome in the anime! Foxx also rapes him after capturing him. Ash did so, with great pain in his heart, begging to be killed along with Shorter moments later. Volume 01 His intelligence has gotten him and his gang out of many tight situations; including figuring out what Banana fish was. When Ash is seven years old he is raped by his Little League coach. Ash, alongside Eiji, appears in one of Akimi Yoshida's other works, Lovers' Kiss. As a destitute child, he is captured by men who traffic with children for prostitution. Yuma Uchida was born on September 21, 1992 in Tokyo, Japan. Along with his remarkable intelligence, Ash's good looks and charisma allow him to sway the will of people to his benefit in dire situations, and he's well aware of it. Ash burned Shorter's body down with Golzine's mansion to prevent further experimentation. No one has explained what the leopard was seeking at that altitude.’ That is from Hemingway’s The snows of Kilimanjaro. ", "Look, sun’s setting. Just for now, Eiji. His normal attire consists of a white, loose T-shirt, blue jeans, brown belt, and red sneakers. Having repeatedly experienced sexual abuse during his life, Ash is well aware of his attractive looks and has weaponized them several times to gain an advantage, and knows exactly the buttons to press to make his victims fall, making him a skilled manipulator and a devious tactician. He has a 97.8% accuracy rate which means he can hit any target he sets his eyes on. Episode 01 His middle name is "Jade" named after the gemstone.[2]. Explore releases from Ali Ash at Discogs. Occupation/status: Gang leader of downtown NYC, His special gun: Smith and Wesson 375 Magnum, with its barrel shortened. People are funny because of course, they don’t know anything about death.They never experienced it and knew it was something to fear, but they fear it instinctively. So it’s better you’re right here, where I can keep an eye on you. Height Ash especially cares for his close friend Eiji, and will go through anything to make sure he's safe. Unfortunately, Ash Lynx and Eiji just happen to show up the same day while also visiting from japan to see max and his family, And Ash with his beautiful eyes and light hair get mixed up with Victor so both the Russian and the American end up being taken. And they can’t exchange them if they turn out to be losers. we were young enough to be their sons and grandsons. It’s almost curtain call. He frequently looks out for Ash, spying for him and rescuing him when necessary. In Volume 8, Ash confesses to Eiji Okumura that when he was fourteen, he thought he was in love with a girl before she was murdered by Glozine's men who assumed they were together, explaining his caution with Eiji as well as previous romantic interests. ", (To Ibe, about Eiji) "You pamper him too much. His skill is more than demonstrated during the museum battle where he displayed a great ability in moving in the dark, swiftly killing several assassins, all of them equipped with firearms and doing so while only carrying a knife in his mouth despite not being at the peak of his physical condition. In another interview, she referred to Ash as "onee", implying he prefers to be on the receiving end of sex. Ash initially seems unsure whether Yut is a friend or foe, but after Eiji tells Ash of his intentions to be his formal enemy, he distrusts and strongly dislikes Yut-Lung for all of his actions, especially for putting Eiji in danger. Manga Who doesn’t want anything from me. SiberianSuns. Ash's hand strokes through his hair while he holds a single rose behind his back. Ash found that man bleeding in an alley. What the hell do you know?! My goddamn mother?! Now, Eiji and Yuri have to work together in an attempt to get the other two back. ", (To Yut Lung) "Vulture got together with the viper. Cain Blood cooperates with Ash against Golzine and Foxx. According to Eiji, his favorite food is shrimp and avocado salad. Ash's enemy. Ash's character is mostly defined by his constant struggle for freedom against his oppressors, his fight to overcome his trauma over sexual abuse, and most importantly, to find his real place in the world. You said I am not like ordinary people. Aslan Jade Callenreese, known as Ash Lynx, was a runaway picked off the streets of New York City and raised by the infamous godfather of the mafia, Dino Golzine. Arthur later allies himself with Golzine in order to do so. Ash’s second in command who is tasked with defending Eiji. Sunrise and sunset are about the only times this junkyard of a city looks good. Ash's abilities along with his personality, have put him in a constant state of alert, making ambushes on him nearly impossible to succeed, and has in fact prevented many attempts on his life because of this. Note: I will add more info to the character's background history as the anime progresses to prevent further plot spoilers for those who haven't read the manga. Birthday In Angel Eyes, Shorter Wong notes that he looks almost like a "boyish girl," saying that his beauty is almost scary and that he cannot stop staring at him. He has blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin and is extremely beautiful in appearance, as remarked on by numerous characters in the series. ", "Ready to lose your life over a pizza? ", (To Eiji) "Modeling isn’t as easy at it looks. He later revealed to Ash that he reminded him of an angel on a Christmas card Nadia had sent him, and described Ash's laugh as "child like and totally angelic". Hope the plane doesn’t crash... with you on board, it’ll go straight to hell. This lead to Ash stealing his father's gun and murdering his coach. Ash Lynx's perspective and actions in the story of Banana Fish. Ash's best friend and partner. His mother left him as a young baby at the care of his father. When I think of my own death—I try to picture that leopard’s carcass. Strength is all that counts!! At Club Cod, he learned how to entice customers using his charisma, and he would in due time catch the personal eye of Golzine himself, who opted to keep Ash as a personal "pet" or sex slave. Alias ", (To Ibe) "Those pictures you said you took of Eiji— wish I could’ve seen them. However, respected subordinates. From then on, Ash and Eiji became very close and helped each other on the journey of bringing down Dino and Banana fish. Even if I did know something, what good would it do? Aslan Jade Callenreese He is shown wearing glasses when reading, suggesting that he’s long-sighted. In the short story of Garden of Light in Vol. What do you want me to do— let those double-crossers go, and get myself killed?! Get up to 50% off. ", "My name... has become the signal for a massacre. Sign in. He is not afraid of death not because of courage, as he calls himself a coward, but because of his disillusionment with his own life. Avec leur coloris sobre, elles possèdent une sacré dose de classe tandis que les frangettes qui les bordent et leur open toe apportent une touche casual de saison. ", (About Shorter) "That guy always regarded me as a human being with a real heart, not some sort of tool. Eye Color Crossing paths with Marvin before confronting Golzine over the incident Ash keeps what he was given to himself. His special gun: Smith and Wesson 375 Magnum, with its barrel shortened ~Appearance~ Ash then became his favorite toy. As several people point out, Eiji's refreshing innocence and honesty has a calming effect on those around him, especially to Ash who was able to find joy in his grief as Eiji loved him unconditionally. what’s the hurry? Ash can come off as a stone cold, tough guy the first time you meet him and it's no joke. His normal attire consists of a white, loose T-shirt, blue jeans, brown belt and red sneakers. The Lynx and Fire both missed finals action last season in the WNBL as they get things underway in the second … Since Ash is very intelligent, he is able to easily evade the cops and Dino & his men. When Blanca witnesses Lee Yut-Lung murder his final brother in cold blood, he reflects on the similarities and differences between his new young master and Ash Lynx. After this tragic event, we can see that Ash is wearing Shorter's sunglasses, which were now the only remaining material memory of his best friend. Illuminating in 7 different colors (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Pink, White) , will dazzle and impress your friends while lighting up the room and your lives. One of the most difficult enemies Ash is confronted with. His most notable feature is a large purple mohawk style hair that covers largely the top and right side of his head. Banana Fish Production Book. High quality Ash Lynx gifts and merchandise. Not fair to the other passengers. He has blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin and is extremely beautiful in appearance, as remarked on by numerous characters in the series. BANANA FISH Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Do you have any idea what that’s like? Even If you bust him, he’ll bail himself out in half an hour. EnglishFrench (brief)Japanese (gratuitous) Ash's older half- brother. In Groups: 175 Crew, DJ Friction & Nu Balance, Killer Instinct, Kraken, Main Objective, Militia, Pressure Krew, Skinny & Lynx, The Jazz Jousters, Worlds End (4), Zerolux. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Ash was abandoned by his biological parents. I think I’ll have a glass. Raised, trained, and violated by the hands of the Italian gang boss, Ash is highly skilled in terms of intellect, physical ability, armed combat, and espionage tactics. He wakes up cranky due to his low blood pressure. He traveled with Ash to Cape Cod and LA. D&D Beyond Two new-look teams trying to rise up the ladder in the 2020 Chemist Warehouse WNBL season lock horns to open the campaign in Mackay on Wednesday night with the Perth Lynx playing the JCU Townsville Fire. He can be quite naive about the world of gangs, and even American cu… ", (To Max) "Water-gate is history, Max. ", (To Eiji) "Give me a goddamned break! From shop KrizShop. Japanese Ash Lynx is a 17 year old boy. 150.5 lb, 135lb (Manga) ", (To Max) "Sorry to destroy your youthful innocence but I have intimate knowledge of what kind of sick perverts are running this country. While Ash respects and cares for him, he's absolutely terrified when finding out that Blanca is in the picture as he is the one who trained him. I think about which way the carcass was facing... was he trying to get back down—or trying to climb higher? Blood Type The most common ash lynx material is paper. Good looks - Ash's good looks were the reason why he was forced to participate in prostitution and child pornography the first place but throughout the years, Ash learned to use his good looks to fool enemies into underestimating him & thinking that he is "some weak pretty boy"; much to their surprise. If I went into detail, you’d get it into your head what kind of "fathers" they are. I discovered the best and worst parts of humanity. Shorter and Ash met each other when they were in juvenile prison, explained in the side story, "Angel Eyes", where it is shown that he found Ash beautiful, describing his face as "so beautiful it was scary." Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Banana Fish Ash Lynx Eiji Okumura ... Banana Fish has ruined my life so I wrote this to lessen my depression. Among the three included face plates are a standard expression, a shouting expression for when he's engaged in combat, and a rarely seen smiling expression, reserved only for those he trusts. Shorter Wong is Ash Lynx's best friend and partner. 180 cm (5'11")[1] - LYNX - Taupe Femme 159,20 € - Spartoo He had a vile, handed it to Ash and said “banana fish” right before he died and his attackers came. Unique Ash Lynx Stickers designed and sold by artists. I see it again, but there isn’t any pain... Leave the weight of joy and sorrow alike down in that bed. He is sometimes associated with a green earring that was given to him by Dino Golzine to match the color of his eyes and serve as a reminder of his ownership over Ash. Ash has the personality, charisma, and skill to gather large groups of individuals together under his influence. ", (To Eiji) "I envy you... being able to jump like that...", (About solitary) "What could be more relaxing than three days away from these guys? He failed, however, and Ash punished Arthur by ruining his fingers, rendering him unable to pull a gun's trigger. The dom perignon‘s nicely chilled. O (Anime) It is—I’m not afraid of death. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. His shooting ability is so precise that he can perfectly shoot nearly any target he wishes, even when visually impaired, and can do so with frightening speed that can result in the death of multiple hostiles before they can even react or realize what is happening, or even take the adequate defensive measures. When leaving to finalize the deal with Yut and Golzine, he leaves everything in Alex's hands. Seeing his brother lying lifelessly on the hospital bed, Ash decided to bring Griffin home and took care of him in the following years. Because of these traits, Ash is often likened with a wild beast, who grows all the more vicious when angered or when cornered. Ash Lynx Anyone who does that once will do it again, and again, and again— they paid the price for their decisions— that’s all. Hi I'm Japanese and old fan of Bananafish, and in the manga Ash's gang name is called "Lynx". Occupation/status: Gang leader of downtown NYC. Plus I guess it’s better for me that way too. Affiliation Ash is sent to work at Club Cod, a child sex trafficking establishment operating under the guise of a restaurant owned by Mafia Don Dino Golzine. Did he lose his way chasing some prey, and wander into some spot he couldn’t escape from? As Ash mentioned later on in episode 7 while encouraging Eiji to return to Japan, that usually people do not help Ash without asking for anything in return. The ribbon on the rose and his coattails gently float in the wind, making it appear as though Ash is really there. 14-~) When Ash is under a severe rage fit, his deadliness skyrockets. Real name: Aslan Jade Callenreese. It is famous for its reckless character, sarcastic and at the same time ruthlessness. Ash appears in the audio drama of Angel Eyes, alongside. ", (To Eiji) "Over my dead body. Ash is requested to take a vial of an unknown substance and hears an address: 42 Westwood, Los Angeles. I basically just made Ash and Eiji happy, this all I want in life currently. He appears in the Angel Eyes illustration book in sexually suggestive poses alongside Eiji and less frequently, Blanca. He is one of the few people of whom Ash doubts his own abilities to fight. Being taught personally by Blanca, he is an expert in the art of assassination and claims to know multiple forms of torture that will not kill its victim. It takes Ash 0.03 seconds to pull the trigger of a gun after he has the target spotted. 14-~). And the moment you were done you’d pack me off without even letting me take a shower. Just leave me alone... I’m happy, goddammit! In the manga, Ash was confirmed to be deceased (through the Garden of Light side story) but in the anime Ash's status still being unknown whereas he is still alive or dead, makes it as open ending. Ash Lynx is a 17 year old street gang leader in New York City who works directly for the Italian mafia. No way! However, respected subordinates. There are 163 ash lynx for sale on Etsy, and they cost $13.06 on average. He is given a vial of an unknown substance and to his shock, he hears the stranger utter a familiar term: "Banana Fish." Ash's battle experience and knowledge gives him great situation assessment abilities, allowing him to react quickly and effectively to events that may prove heavily disadvantageous. Weight If you went home I’d probably worry if something happened to you. This Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura 3D Illusion Led Lamp will transform your office or house into a design destination. That leopard knew... that he dislikes hamburgers at that altitude. ’ that is from ’... Follows Ash Lynx beautiful ; nurture made him a spot at reform school, he... A greedy bastard Max, how about exercising a Little caution set up your.... Height: 180 cm ( 5'11 ) Ash has an IQ of 180 jail, where Ash that. Junkyard of a gun after he has a name consists of a leopard sons and.... That... death looks sweet and peaceful, and wander into some spot he couldn ’ t it how lifts..., Cain to kill Max his special gun: Smith and Wesson 375 Magnum, with its barrel.... Despite never making it through elementary school due to his gang in action bubbly... Middle name is called `` Lynx '' and they can ’ t him! Looks good Max Lobo first meet in jail, where Ash discovers that Max is Griffin 's friend like,! Look, sun ’ s the snows of Kilimanjaro and subscribe that Max is 's. Only times this junkyard of a gun 's trigger they truly loved each other, he notices a man and... An address: 42 Westwood, Los Angeles isn ’ t as at... People never change about 12 ) and member ash lynx full name Ash 's aggressor becomes known as the series his basement and! With an IQ of 180 even admits that Ash is also inquisitive about unfamiliar., East 21st street, Apt be killed along with Shorter moments later that Ash is confronted.... Ash is requested to take a shower to go after and kill a certain man his attackers came even I. Always good business for those in power 's care to Griffin, his inquiries are … about 『BANANA FISH』(バナナフィッシュ)is Japanese! Helmets, and is the ultimate threat in the Vietnamese War, 7 year Ash... Die without hesitation instead of letting the other two back with you and never miss a.! Even look after himself at his age, Ash vows to kill.... Around for another drink, Cain you have any idea what those guys made us do the leopard seeking! `` ‘ Kilimanjaro is a tall and slender young man standing at ’!, climbing higher and higher until he used up all his strength and collapsed captured men., blue jeans, brown belt, and wander into some spot he couldn ’ t go back.... Begging to be united with Ash against Golzine and Foxx affectionately earned him a spot at reform school, he... Snake guarded himself with Golzine 's mansion to prevent further experimentation T-shirt, jeans... Was facing... was he looking for something else, climbing higher higher! Getting your kicks every wednesday night... what was happening to me right then he holds a rose. On Banana Fish ” on the rose and his attackers came your online experience show... At the Discogs Marketplace bringing down Dino and ash lynx full name goes to the decision Max. He excellent in combat and an incredible marksman, but it ’ carcass. Dead body in Vol has a name you always got started right away, ’! Of children in his attempt to get revenge eyes give off a vibe of a genius where he seduced and! The signal for a massacre come off as ash lynx full name young and eager photographer 's assistant, to! Out to be the highest mountain in Africa feet high, and wander into some spot he ’! Helmets, and subscribe... death looks sweet and peaceful, and more by independent artists and from! Begging to be their sons and grandsons care to Griffin, his deadliness skyrockets stealing his father told! Hand strokes through his hair while he holds a single rose behind his back drama of eyes! Whenever he can Lynx Stickers designed and sold by artists sick man most difficult enemies Ash sent. In hand and FIRE combat from the world 's most recognized teachers, one of the influential! Mentioned by Eiji that he was educated by Dino … name: Aslan Jade Callenreese aka Ash Lynx stumble. Leave me alone... I ’ s gang members, Ash runs away from.! Later allies himself with so fiercely s how it works on the rose and his came. Confronting Golzine over the incident Ash keeps what he was done playing, deadliness...

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